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Submission Guideline

Submission Option

1). Presentation & Publication (Full paper)
Full paper (at least 4 full pages and no more than 10 pages), if you are also considering publishing your paper.
2). Oral Presentation Only (Abstract)
If you just want to make an oral presentation without paper publication, then you can only submit an abstract(300-500words).


Submission Channel
1. Please log in the Submission System and upload your paper; You need an account first.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
2. If you can not submit your manuscripts through the easychair system above, you also can send it to the conference mailbox:
3. Submited paper should be edited in accordance with the conference template.
The conference secretary office will contact you within 2 work days when your submission is well received to assign you the paper ID as well as other feedbacks.
Please contact us if you failed to receive feedbacks from the conference secretary when you submitted your paper 3 work days later.


Academic Ethics

In order to respect every authors' copyright and work efforts, each submission should follow the academic ethics. Please note that, for all submissions:

  • Authors must guarantee their submission is original, owned by the author, that no part of it has been previously published, and that no other agreement to publish it or part of it is outstanding.
  • As a matter of policy, we publish historical or interpretive essays only if they have significant implications for ongoing theoretical work.
  • Ethics focuses on analytical studies in moral, social, political, and legal philosophy and, hence, does not generally publish empirical studies that lack significant theoretical reflection or that present new statistical findings.
  • Authors may not submit a revised version of a manuscript that was rejected without an invitation to resubmit, even if the manuscript has been substantially revised and/or the reviewers or editor provided recommendations for revision.