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Presenter Guideline

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Timing of Oral Presentations
* The total time allotted to each speaker is 15 minutes. You should plan to speak for 12 minutes and leave 3 minutes for questions.
* Rehearse your presentation several times; projecting slides and doing anything else you would otherwise expect to do at the meeting. It is a discourtesy to your audience, the Session Chair and the other speakers to exceed your allotted time. The Session Chairs are instructed to adhere to the printed schedule for the session. With parallel sessions this is critical to the overall success of the conference.

Submitting Your Presentation
All speakers must have their presentation on a USB and bring it to their assigned session room 10 minutes prior to the sessions start time so it can be uploaded onto the session room computer.

* The conference will be equipped with a projector and a laptop that is connected to the projector for each oral presentation room. A laser pointer and HDMI to VGA cable will be also provided.
* The computers are equipped with Windows 7 as well as Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (Office), Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, and VLC media player.
* If necessary, especially if you have embedded multi-media content, please verify your presentation for compatibility and proper operation one day before. We suggest the presenting author to bring his/her own computer and a USB thumb drive with presentation materials as backup.
* Since your computer may have sophisticated fonts (such as special equation symbols) that the conference computers may not have, it is suggested that when you save your PowerPoint presentations, use “Save As” from your “File” pull-down menu. When a dialog box pops up, click on the “Tools” menu on that dialog box and select “Save Options”. Then, check the option “Embed true type fonts”. Click “OK” and then click “Save”. This allows you to include the fonts you are using in your presentations to minimize the font incompatibility problems. Otherwise, any fonts that are not recognized by the conference computers will be incomprehensible. In addition to the default “.pptx” file format, we suggest that you also save a copy of your presentations in the “.ppsx” (PowerPoint Show) format (the “.ppsx” version may also include some of the special fonts in your presentations). If you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat, we suggest you also save (or print) your presentations into a “.pdf” format and thus you will be able to use the free Adobe Reader software to present in case nothing else would work.

Poster Presentation Guidelines
Preparing Your Poster Presentation before the Conference
Your poster should cover the KEY POINTS of your work. The ideal poster is designed to:
* attract attention
* provide a brief overview of your work
* initiate discussion and questions
* The title of your poster should appear at the top about 25mm (1″) high.
* The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title.
* Your poster should be A1 size.
* Each poster must include text in a large enough font to be read easily by attendees from a distance of 4 to 5 feet or more. Lettering on illustrations should be large and legible.

Onsite Information
* Each poster session author will be provided with a A1 size poster board area, mounting pins and tape. The board will indicate the poster number in upper right or left corner. Authors are responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them as soon as the session ends. Posters left up past that time will be discarded.
* Carefully prepare your poster well in advance of the conference. All illustrations, charts, etc., to be posted should be prepared in advance as materials for these purposes will not be available at the meeting site.
* Posters will be arranged on Feb.23 or Feb.24 and remain 2 hours. Approximately 30-40 minutes each of those days is set aside for poster presentations when no other sessions are scheduled. The authors need not be present the entire time on the two days but if not, should post the period when they will be at their poster.

Poster Printing
All authors must print and bring their posters with them to the conference.